About Us

We take great pleasure in working with a natural element and staying in contact with it daily.

We particularly enjoy the challenge of designing and building a functional piece of furniture in a modern or traditional style, which expresses quality, is reliable and does not date.

Our work also responds to our wish to create something unique, practical, functional and long lasting that will complement your taste and your home's aesthetic.

We enjoy creating unique pieces which have a harmonious mix of trend, beauty, strength and style.

Our pieces are made to fulfil your needs and to last, so special attention to materials, details and finishes is given.

In this way you will be able to enjoy the comfort of having furniture made especially for you in your home or office.

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Large work area with shelving and pull out units: The desk from above - all the cables are hidden in a custom made box Two fitted wardrobes: Drawers showing smooth sliding mechanism

Large shelving area with lighting for art: Designed to fit individual pieces Beautiful walnut bed: Frame with slats